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July 20, 2015

Visiting Mr. Jones' Orphanage

Since doing a pastry course, I have been on a lookout for good dessert places. It gives me a chance to discover new flavors and get ideas on new combinations. It also provides a way for me to learn dessert plating techniques for free.

When I was in Bangkok recently, I visited different cafes to give their desserts a try. One dessert place which got me curious was Mr Jones Orphanage.  I have seen it  packed with people. I wondered if it was the cakes or their cool design that attract customers the most. After visiting a local attraction at a mall nearby,  my sister, a friend and I have thought of giving it a try. So we went.

My sister ordered  camomile tea. We were surprised how huge the portion was. It was good for 2-3 people.
Camomile tea
The tea came with milk and 2 cookies.

She also had blueberry cheesecake. It was decent enough.

I thought of sharing tea with my sister as I knew she wouldn't be able to drink it all up. I changed my mind when I saw  passion fruit sponge on the menu. The tartness of the cake would go well with chocolate milkshake. Nice combo.  And that's what I decided to get.

I was a bit disappointed with the cake. It was not moist and tender as I expected. It had no distinct passion fruit taste either.

A friend had some fruit shake called Made of Love. He loves berries which was why he ordered this. This one was too rich even for him.

I don't understand the reason why all these teddy bears  are being displayed all over the place  but they sure provides a warm, cozy feeling to the cafe.

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