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July 3, 2015

Bonding Time at Pancake Cafe

I barely see my sister since I moved to the island. My visit to Bangkok is limited to 2-3 times a year. On those rare occasions most of our bonding time consists of chats while cooking and before we retire for the night, shopping and dining. She and I enjoy hunting for good food the most. We are always on the look-out for new places and try their menu.

On Sunday, we went to the computer center which is in the heart of the city to get her computer fixed. It would take a while. We checked out the latest fashion trends in the nearest shopping complex to pass the time. We did so much walking. We went from one shop to another.  Lunch time came and we were famished. As we walked through the corridors, we spotted the cafe that mainly serves pancakes. We always pass by it but never really checked it out. The menu certainly looked enticing. We decided to get a small meal so we could make room for dessert. MOS Burger was just a few steps away. They also serve food in small portions. It's the ideal place we thought. We grabbed a  bite at MOS, did more window shopping and headed to the Pancake Cafe afterwards..

I have a habit of eating dessert with tea. It's something I acquired from my English and Australian friends while in China. For the first time, I ditched tea for a dark chocolate frappe. I have never had it before and the name sounded good. I sipped as soon as it was served.  It wasn't something I anticipated. I would have enjoyed it if it were creamy. That is just my preference.

My order of banana rama came with two pieces of pancake, caramelized banana on the side and topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. If you like it sweeter, then the extra caramel sauce they served with it would do the trick. There's so much sweetness on that plate so for me a drizzling of caramel sauce was enough.

Look at that!

My sister went for a strawberry cup pancake. If I am not mistaken, it's made up of layers of strawberry syrup, custard, chocolate pancakes, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. It was too rich even for my sister who loves  desserts more than I do. She did not finish it.  Two bites were enough to make me feel guilty.

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