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July 6, 2015

Seoul Grill

I am missing out on a lot of fun and exciting things living so far away from  my family and friends. My long absence give me all the advantages of getting invited for a meal too often whenever I visit. 

Only a few days since I arrived in Bangkok, I got the invite to have dinner with an old friend of the family. Having known the guy for so long, I had the idea of what we might be feasting on. I made sure to have an early lunch and skip afternoon tea to make space for a huge meal. 

While my sister was at work, I did some chores and ran some errands to keep me busy. The trips made me a bit tired. I was beginning to feel hungry.   Just before the evening started,  I received a text message from my sister asking me to meet her and others at Seoul Grill, a Korean barbecue and sushi buffet place located on The Mall Bangkapi's third floor. 

I avoid buffets.  I am not able to get more for my money at those all-you-can eat buffets because I am a light eater. The thought of me getting once in a blue moon chance of eating at a buffet restaurant with my sister and friends struck me. I rarely see them.  I needed to make an exception. After all, those people are worth way more than anything.

Seoul Grill features this buffet bar with a variety of Korean hot dishes.

It also offers an extensive array of Japanese sushi and rolls.

The exciting part of dining at Seoul Grill is taking the freshest ingredients from a conveyor belt straight to your table to cook. From greens and noodles to meat and seafood, they have it all

Korean barbecue allows diners to experience the fun of cooking their own meal right at their table. The hot plate is not just for grilling, it can be used to make a nice soup as well.

For an extra cost, we opted to get thinly sliced beef to grill.

For desserts, you can opt for  ice cream, jelly or seasonal fruits. You can also avail their all-you-can drink sodas, punch and iced teas (Not in picture)

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