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June 18, 2013


The restaurant where I work is pursuing something more challenging. Flambeing main course and dessert in full view of guests. As I was told, no restaurant on Koh Samui has done it so our  F& B Manager has this goal to make our restaurant the first to offer the kind of service to customers.

So what is flambe? It is a cooking procedure in which food is drenched in alcohol and ignited.  The method is used not only to add flavor but also to give that elegant finished to the dish.

Flambe is not new to me. I learned the method at the culinary school. I have not done it nor had I applied it at work so it's great that the manager required all restaurant staff to attend the demonstration both for main course and dessert.  I will work with flambe dessert all the time as it is my area of concentration.

Condiments for sauces.

Flambe machine

Beef steak flambe

Beef steak with mushroom sauce

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