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June 15, 2013

Wine Course

I have been away from the blogosphere for a month. Just so my readers know, I relocated to the island in the south of Thailand. Remember the post about my business trip to Koh Samui? It was actually an interview and I got the job. I went back to Bangkok to spend a week with my mom who was visiting before I flew back into the island.

I work at a restaurant of a 4-star resort for 9 hours a day, even more when there is high occupancy. I only get a day off which is Saturday. So on my day of rest, I lazily spend it listening to gospel songs, reading my Bible and sleeping. Even I had plenty of time, it is not possible to update my blog as my aging laptop is running really slow. Some programs do not work as good. I use another computer to modify photos. Posting takes ages to complete so I am really disappointed. I am doing it one at a time so I can at least keep my dear readers posted.

In the past month, a lot has happened. Only a few days since I started  with my new job, I learned about wine. Funny that I had to learn wine pairing so I could recommend it to our guests when I do not even drink.

The wine course was so informative. I had never thought wines have variety.  After discussion, I was surprised when the wine pro representative announced she's giving a test.  I answered the questions by guessing and a little help from my bar manager friend. :) I passed.  I got a certificate after I learned the  results of my test! Woohoo!  I'll see if I can ever master it.

The wine training course was conducted by a Thai lady named Khun Sumontha from Wine Pro, our  supplier.

Data is summarized in this table.

White wine and Red wine food pairing chart

At the end of the course, a bottle of wine was opened for us to taste. One sip was all I had and I did not like it. As I said, I do not drink.

The staff was cheering when the cork popped!


  1. Love reading your blogs, Keep them coming. Looking forward to seeing your smiling face when you come to Oz. XXX

  2. Hi Sonja and Phil
    Thanks for visiting. I will try to post as often as I can.

    Miss you loads