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May 13, 2013

Vegetarian Thai-Style Sukiyaki

Thai sukiyaki is mom's favorite. When we were at the grocery she spotted packs of Thai sukiyaki sauce. She asked why my sis and I hadn't taken her to MK, a popular sukiyaki restaurant in Thailand. In an instant, mom developed an intense craving for this one-pot meal. Our trolley was full and we felt too lazy to drag all shopping bags with us. I suggested we make it at home. We bought  ready-to-cook sukiyaki pack and  6 small packs of sukiyaki sauce. One to use at home, the rest were packed so mom could bring them back to Philippines.

We were starving so I didn't bother to take a picture of sukiyaki pack. It consisted of a slice of corn, carrots, morning glory and mushrooms. The contents of one pack were not enough for two vegetarians so we bought  glass noddle, fish tofu, tofu, mushroom and more veggies

I put enough water in a big pot, approximately one liter. I added corn and covered the pot. I waited until the water boiled over medium heat.  When the water was bubbling, I added carrots, tofu and mushroom. I put the lid back on. I boiled it for another 2 minutes then I added glass noodles and  veggies. I covered the pot, let it boil for another minute, then turned the heat off.

The sauce can be used as dipping sauce or flavoring. Just add it to your suki and you'll get a delicious broth.

Sukiyaki sauce is available in packs and bottles.

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