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March 12, 2012

Fish Tofu Pizza

Through the years I was living in China,  I had almost gotten close to perfecting pizza dough. I am not bragging but having a workload of 16 hours a week gave me a lot of time to hone my skills.

Once I challenged myself by holding a pizza party for my birthday. Yes, that was how bold I was but I vowed not to do it again. I was supposed to just relax and enjoy my birthday. Instead I spent long hours kneading dough, making pizza sauce and slicing toppings. Imagine feeding a male-dominated group with huge appetite. It was an immense task for a petite girl like me. I was totally drained. The instant I heard good comments and saw the look on my friends faces, my tiredness disappeared.

I have long since left the East Asian State and changed my career but have been trying to squeeze this hobby in my busy schedule. I work 44 hours a week. My life  now is a far cry from when I was in China. Finding time to make home made pizza is quite difficult.

But....but I so wanted to resume my pizza journey. I miss the fun of making it at home. The feeling of satisfaction once I smell  the pizza cooking in the oven is rewarding.

Two weeks ago, my sis and I  did an unusual end-of-the-week grocery shopping. As we were going through stocks of  frozen food to find vegetarian meat, the frozen pizza crust caught my attention. The idea of using it instead of making dough at home just popped-up in my mind. I quickly took a pack. It had 4 crust inside. I also bought a pack of Thai pizza sauce. With the ready-to-use pizza sauce and ready-to-bake pizza crust, I didn't have to inconvenience myself.

I tried the first 2 crust with the pizza sauce I bought. I had bricks of cheddar cheese in stock . I used it instead. We're going vegetarian so I used fish tofu slices as my toppings.

The pizza wasn't bad at all. But  using mozzarella cheese would definitely make a big difference..Well, there's always next time.

Store bought pizza crust may not be as good as the homemade ones but it was a great way to make quick and easy meal.

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