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February 24, 2012

KC's Princess Cake

Nothing is more fun than using your imagination to create something special. Like I said in my previous entry, I was asked to make cakes for KC's 2 birthday celebrations. I made a "crown" cake on Friday. For the big event on Sunday, I created a special princess cake designed by me and my sister.

I used the same recipe for chocolate cake and frosting like the "crown" cake. Only this time the colors were different.

I frosted the chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream in pink.

I used chocolate wafers for the "walls" of the castle. My sister  cut each wafer in its right length. I stick each wafer on the sides of the cake using a tiny bit of butter cream.

To make sure the picture is in an upright position, I stick 2 pink chopsticks at the back of it to serve as the "post" and inserted them into the cake.

Then I stick Belle in front of the castle.I made "stairs" with the leftover wafers.

I found stone-shaped candy coated chocolate  at the grocery. I covered the pathway with them. I used the purple butter cream to pipe shells around the base of the cake.

I used green butter cream to pipe the grass along the walls. Then I stick  frosting flowers on the grass to make it look like a garden.

My sister and I had so much fun designing it. I was unable to attend the party but friends said our creation was unique and beautiful. How nice it was to hear compliments like that.

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