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February 17, 2012

Happy Third Birthday KC!

 I take pleasure in making customized cakes. Although they need a lot of  patience and concentration, they give you a delightful feeling once you see your hard work pays off.

 KC turns 3 on Sunday. She's having two parties. One was held today for all her friends and classmates at the kindergarten where she goes. The second party will be at her house on the day of her birthday for family and friends. I was commissioned to make her 2 cakes. She wanted a Princess-themed party.

For the first celebration, my sister suggested a "crown" cake. I have faith in her. She's a Kindergarten teacher for a decade now and she sure knows what pleases the kids. I followed her suggestion.

 I made a chocolate cake base and frosted it with vanilla butter cream. I made the butter cream in 2 colors. Yellow -  KC's favorite color and orange. I used candy coated chocolate and frosting flowers for decoration.

KC couldn't help but smile when she saw her cake. It is definitely heartwarming to see someone enjoy the fruits of your labor. That was how I felt today.  Thanks for your suggestion Ate.

She couldn't take her eyes off it!

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