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February 29, 2012

Birthday Extravaganza

It is not in my sister's nature to celebrate her birthday with lavish gathering but this year, she marked her birthday with a month-long celebrations  starting with a sumptuous feast at Beirut Restaurant on Ploenchit Road.

As usual we had hummus, pita bread, Greek salad, Moussaka, lamb kebab and some dishes I couldn't remember the names. And as expected, they were yummylicious!

 Mango Lassi is always my favorite at the Mediterranean Resto.

 We didn't realize how much we ordered til all the food were served. We shared and exchanged dishes. We were unable to finish them all so we asked for a doggy bag and took the leftovers home.

For the first time we didn't bother getting a  dessert right after meal as we were too full. But on the way home, we couldn't ignore the urge to eat something sweet. We passed by Starbucks to buy blueberry cheesecake, red velvet cake and banana muffin.

We never fail to take pictures during or after meal.

There are quite a few among my sister's colleagues who know her birthday. They were invited to the first dinner but they were too busy to come. On the day of her birthday, she treated them to a meal  at a restaurant close to home. The restaurant specializes in Isaan dishes.We had khao niao (glutinous rice), papaya salad ( somtam) nam tok beef and tuna, deep-fried fish, fried chicken, and rice noodles.

Since our other friends and relatives couldn't come to both celebrations,  my sister invited them for a meal at FUMI Japanese Restaurant at Siam Paragon.

Ginger's orange juice and my green tea.

 Chicken yakiniku set, vegetarian dumplings, mushroom and tofu steak, and fried fish.

 We had so much to eat that night. The night was young so we strolled around to ease our full stomach.

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