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December 25, 2011

Daikokuya Japanese Restaurant

One might wonder why we would go Japanese when we could eat the local delicacies of Vietnam. The first thing we wanted to do after the church service  was go back to our hotel, change into our casual clothes and get something to eat. It was our first time at Vietnam  Church  so the Kodak moments took a while. Our tummies were growling already when we flagged down a cab.

We arrived at the hotel, rested for a while, threw on our clothes and left again to eat.We drained our last bit of energy looking for a restaurant nearby which served Vietnamese cuisine. The hotel where we were lodged was located in the "Japanese area". Most restaurants  we saw were  Japanese restaurants. We were exhausted and starving so we decided to eat at any restaurants close to the hotel. We found Daikokuya and our decision to eat there did not disappoint.

I liked the cozy feeling of the restaurant. The staff and the Japanese chef were friendly. And the food was excellent.

The salmon was tender and juicy, the salad had just enough dressing.

I don't really like eating  fish skin but this saba skin was an exception. The flakiness of the skin and the taste of the meat were perfect that when you put them in your mouth, they burst with flavor.

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