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March 21, 2011

Going Mexican

At the start of the new year, my sister and I had agreed to try out different dishes to get new cooking ideas and inspirations. This would mean allotting money and time to find restaurants around Bangkok. A few weeks ago, we passed by Siam Paragon on our way back from Chulalongkorn Bookstore. As we wandered around the basement, we spotted a small Mexican Restaurant. We looked at each other and the same idea came to our minds. Start our plan right then. We browsed through the menu and after a few minutes, we decided to have Mexican food. Our decision did not disappoint.

We had Nachos with guacamole dip to start with.

We ordered a huge bowl of cucumber, tomatoes and corn soup. Enough for the two of us.

For the main dish, we had lip-smacking chicken-filled tortillas.

A closer look of the tortillas.

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