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June 27, 2016

The Bazaar Turkish Restaurant

I don't get to see old friends living in Bangkok so often. When they came to the island for a relaxing getaway, I was more than ecstatic. Having friends around means one thing -  a lively chat over dinner. We hit The Bazaar Turkish Restaurant at The Wharf Koh Samui on our first evening together. Our decision to dine there did not disappoint.

I didn't bother to write details of what we ordered that night. All I remember was they were all tasty and delicious. Our sumptuous meal started  with flat bread served alongside different spreads and dips. I loved the hummus and eggplant in particular. The  salad was also great as a side dish.

The portions were huge and we five adults, were able to share all four  dishes. We feasted on Turkish style chicken kebabs ( not in picture), lamb racks, hot and spicy minced lamb and an eggplant dish. The dishes were served with rice and grilled veggies.

The kids happily devoured the long Turkish style pizza. It's made with minced beef topped with mozzarella cheese.

It was a night well spent.

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