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December 24, 2015

Gingerbread House

It's Christmas once again. My preparations for the much awaited Christmas brunch are in full swing. I am in-charge of all the sweet treats there is. I spent weeks stocking up on my supplies, making sure I got everything needed before the big event. I planned and organized the tasks assigned to me and focused on their completion on time. I do not want a repeat of the past two Christmasses where my work was behind schedule. (That's what happens when someone works alone).  Besides, with my family and  friend visiting, I want to be ahead of the game so I can at least spend time with them.

This year's desserts are a little different from the past year. We ditched many  traditional Christmas treats but one. I could not afford not to have gingerbread house on the dessert table. Christmas is my favorite holiday. For me, the holidays would not be complete without it. Even I was on full schedule, I squeezed in some time to make gingerbread house. It's my added treat  for everyone this Christmas!

So, here it is - my gingerbread house with an array of colorful decorative toppings!

 Notice how the roof almost caved in. Well, it has been a year since I made my very first gingerbread house. I assembled the pieces without reading the instructions again. I didn't give the pieces enough time to dry. My bad. The mistakes I made has cost me a great deal of time. I had to disassemble the roof and glue them to the wall again.

I  used various candies on the house. I made the wreath and candy cane using fondant. I covered the roof with M & M's and roof top with fruit pastilles. I used  fruit candies to line the door and chimney. I added M&M's peanut candies around the house. I covered the pathway with chocolate rock and surrounded it with  chocolate covered wafers.

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