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December 31, 2015

Trifle With Butterscotch Topping

The resort's kitchen was understaffed the entire holiday season. The craziness has died down yet thinking back,  I still  could not believe how I was able to undertake a seemingly impossible task of creating all the Christmas brunch treats for more than two hundred guests without any help, not to mention the bread and pastries for breakfast and desserts for a la carte dining. A lot of planning and organizing were involved from beginning to end. I wasted no time and effort. I knew I had nobody to rely on but myself.

This trifle was a product of a well thought-out  plan. I normally avoid using ready made mixes when whipping up desserts but this was an exception. Unlike the past two Christmasses, I baked the sponge biscuit and cooked vanilla custard from scratch. This time,  I opted to use store bought biscuit sponge and  a custard powder to make my vanilla custard as  I did not have the extra hour to spare.  The result was surprisingly good.

So, what went into this delicious Christmas treat. On the base, I laid  cointreau-soaked lady finger biscuit sponge. I added diced strawberry gelatin dessert, frozen blueberries (thawed), sliced bananas and strawberries. I poured the vanilla custard on top. I repeat the process until the glass was full then served it with a butterscotch sauce on top.

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