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October 20, 2015

Cake Decorating Can Be Difficult

The resort where I work provides complimentary birthday cake to its guests. Guests can choose the flavors  they like.  I create it according to the needs and requirements of the person celebrating but decorating is all up to me. Occasionally, I can think of ideas in a snap. When there is a long interval especially during off season,  my mind gets sluggish. It takes time for me to come up with a nice design for a cake.

Take this one for example. Decorating it took longer than baking the cake itself. I am not kidding! It's a simple cake, I know. I don't get opportunities to hone my creativity skills when things slows down at work so doing a basic task like decorating a cake seems like a difficult goal. For this chocolate cake, I had to browse through hundreds of pictures on the web to get some ideas before finally settling on my own design like this one. Whoah, that was hard! :)

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