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September 15, 2015

Satisfying a Korean food craving

I have had this craving for Korean food for a while. The Korean place by the lake in Chaweng is my go-to place whenever I feel like having Korean food. It is quite a long way from Central Festival where I usually go for grocery shopping. The distance keeps me from satisfying my desire but last week, I was finally able to give in. I even  braved the heavy rain for the food I so wanted.

I could not believe I had plenty of room for a meal this large. (I am a light eater just so you know) I had this instant ramen which was perfect for the wet season.

I also had beef bibimbap served with kimchi and seaweed soup. I was stuck at the restaurant due to  rain so I took time savoring both dishes. Guess what? I finished 'em all :)

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