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August 9, 2015

The Ultimate Food Court

I consider The Platinum Mall's food court to be the best of its kind. Whenever my sister and I are in Pratunam area where the mall is located, we make sure we don't miss it.  The food court has great choices for vegetarian and omnivores alike. The dishes are of good quality and tasty and the price is reasonable, resulting to a huge influx of local and tourist diners. It's one of the busiest food halls in Bangkok.

Of all the dishes offered at Platinum, beef stew with noodles is my preferred  food. It's my usual order every time I dine there. I limit my meat intake but the rich broth and sometimes tender meat taste wonderful. I can't get enough of it. For Thai Baht 60 per bowl ( around $2), I can't really complain.

Mango sticky rice is readily available at the food hall.The portion is good enough for two people.

This soybean pudding ( Tau huay) in hot ginger tea and served with crispy dough on the side is to die for. This is what my family is always looking forward to having.  It's the climax to our meal at The Platinum whenever we visit.

Another favorite of mine is this shaved ice (Nam Kang Sai)  served with candied fruits, beans, nuts and sometimes tapioca balls. What makes this tasty is the addition of sala red syrup and  a douse of condensed or evaporated milk. A perfect treat to beat the heat.

These make me drool! If you are ever in Bangkok, don't miss a chance to enjoy what the food hall at Platinum has to offer.

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