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April 18, 2015

My Cupcake Collection

Cupcakes. What makes them irresistible? Is it the  moist and spongy texture?  Or is it the delicious, light and fluffy frosting that sits atop of it. Whatever it is, cupcake is absolutely the perfect treat for any occasion. Whether it is a birthday or a  wedding, cupcake delights everyone.

I don't make cupcakes too often but when I do, I try to vary colors to make them pleasing to everyone's eyes. Even with a few years of baking experience, I still am learning different techniques to improve an overall quality of my cupcake.

Here are some of my favorites which I have compiled in all this time. Enjoy!

These were the cupcakes I did for brunch

Birthday treat for a little French girl.

Birthday cupcakes for another girl

Birthday cupcakes for a young boy

Treats for the resort's in-house guests

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