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April 21, 2015

Going Away Dinner At Le Meridien

My only close friend and fellow Filipina at the resort is returning to her home in Spain for good. Before she flies out, she invited me to have dinner with her at Le Meridien restaurant. It was our first and I hope not the last to hang out together. We have been working at the same workplace for almost two years now but it was only recently that we got to spend some time together. That is because of our different schedule. I start as early as 4 and she does not start until I am halfway through. Also, my job as a baker is physically demanding. When the day's work is done, all I want is to have a relaxing quiet time at home. Bedtime is at half past 8  so going out at night is nearly impossible.

Anyway, I accepted her invitation. She suggested a time to meet at the neighboring hotel. It would be too late for me to have dinner by the time she finished  but  I made an exception.

She and I decided to take part in lantern flying at the hotel's lobby.  We availed  the bar's happy hour buy one- get one deal while waiting for the program to start. I had virgin mojito. Hers was not. Did not really wanted to drink too much as I wanted to make room for the big meal later but I kept sipping as I waited.

Behind me is the pool where sky lantern flying takes place.

And it began. Here we are, ready to release our sky lantern but before we forgot, we posed for just one Kodak moment.

The hotel's guests joined in.

As soon as our lantern vanished from our sight, we immediately headed towards the restaurant. The tables by the pool were not available. Too bad. It would be amazing to dine by the pool and I wanted to have the Le Meridien pool dining experience. Oh well, we needed to eat and we could not afford to wait any longer.

Our  complimentary bread was foccacia with parsley and garlic sauce. I love anything bread. I had eaten most of this. I could have more room for it in my tummy but I had a huge burger coming any moment.

My friend had seafood risotto.  I don't eat seafood  for religious purposes.  She said it was tasty though.

I had a huge serving of burger with sauteed mushroom, salad and fries. The restaurant only offers burgers that are well done. No problem with that. It was huge though. My friend's advise was to skip the bread  but being a bread lover that I am, I consumed more of it than the burger. I had a little bit of fries and zeroed in on mushroom. I couldn't get enough of it.

The waiter was nice enough to offer to take this picture for us.

I tried to "clean" my plate but to no avail. It was way past my bedtime. I was yawning heavily. My tummy was full and I could not eat no more. My friend got the signal that I was ready to hit the sack. We did some photo shoot by the pool and headed home. Here I was,  about to walk through the pathway leading to the exit.

I couldn't stay up late but I had so much fun in just a short while hanging out with her. I hope we do it again.  Someday.

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