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April 15, 2014

Rustic Wedding Cake

A vanilla cake enhanced with fresh Thai orchid. Simple yet elegant. I was doubtful about the way it would look but after adding the flower accents the cake looked stunning. Funny how much time was spent making this cake. I was running late as I did more than a day's worth of work that day. Sabbath was approaching so I went ahead and stacked the top tier on the bottom cake without checking if the latter was firm enough to hold the weight of the top cake. In just a few minutes, the bottom cake began to sink. I hurriedly removed the top tier and redid everything. I had no choice but to let the cakes chill overnight (and that would mean me working Saturday night). So right after sunset the following day, I went to work  so I could continue where I left off. Everything went swiftly the second time. I was relieved! So relieved!

It was supposed to be red velvet cake but the bride changed her mind the last minute. She requested vanilla cake frosted with vanilla butter cream couple days before her big day. As for the rustic finish, I found it hard to attain it as I am used to making the cake smooth. I got it right finally after paddling for so many times.

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  1. Seems to be a delicious wedding cake. I am arranging my nephew’s wedding next month and already booked one of exemplary wedding venues. Planning to order an excellent wedding cake for him too and surprise him.