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April 11, 2014

Another Wedding Of The Season

It's been crazy at work. We have been having  back to back weddings at the resort and I am working my tail off making wedding cakes and treats for the wedding's dessert selection. It seems  it's chocolate cake season as this is the fourth chocolate cake I have made for the wedding. I have been using the same recipe all this time and the cake is always a winner without a doubt.

This is my first hexagon-shaped cake. I baked the cake in the newly bought hexagon cake rings. The cake batter was really thin so I placed the cake rings inside a bigger cake pan to catch any leaking batter and lined the base with a parchment paper . I was worried the cake would not maintain its hexagon shape as it was baking but good thing it stopped not long after I shoved it in the oven.

I frosted the cake with chocolate butter cream and covered it with white icing. I tied a forest green ribbon around the base. The housekeeping manager added fresh flowers to the cake and it looked wonderful.

The cake from a different angle.

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