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December 16, 2013

Bread Conversion

The idea of converting  whole wheat bread into a soft, fluffy loaf had been running through my mind for ages. I  was aware that replacing ingredients could affect the texture and taste. Well,  baking is a science and experimenting is crucial in learning the science of baking. I took the plunge and was surprised at how tender and fluffy it turned out. It tasted good too!

The recipe was based on the whole wheat bread recipe I have been using at work. I reduced the amount of whole wheat flour by five percent, added more wheat germ than usual, a little of wheat bran, rolled oats and sesame seeds. I used milk in place of water. I proofed and baked it the same time as I proof and bake whole wheat bread. Prior to baking, I brushed it with egg wash to give it a nice shiny look.

The wonder of egg wash - nice and shiny crust

Bread everyone?
Beautiful, crusty and fluffy bread

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