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February 15, 2013

My Valentine's Day Creations

The hotel's restaurant was booked for Valentine's Day celebrations. There were meetings and huge gatherings scheduled this week. Each kitchen staff was assigned to a specific task.  I was asked to make desserts for ala carte dining and individual cakes to be sold at the restaurant's bar. Since the colors red and pink represent Valentine's Day, I opted for strawberry mousse cake and black forest cake with cherry filling on top. I was also requested to make fruit tarts for Valentine's day dinner.

For the mousse , I doubled the recipe so I could make extra desserts . I put the leftover mousse in mini dessert glasses. I topped each mousse with chantilly cream. I garnished the strawberry mousse with a strawberry and mint. I used cherry filling to garnish black forest.

Black Forest and Strawberry Mousse in a glass

Black forest cake topped with cherry filling. The sides were decorated with shaved dark chocolate.

 Heart-shaped strawberry mousse cake. I used fresh strawberries as decoration and filling. I sliced them and arranged them on the sides before adding the mousse. I topped a layer of strawberry coulis before adding more decoration.

The fruit tart that was served during  Valentine's Day party of some meat supplier. It's filled with almond cream on the bottom and vanilla cream on top. They were gone in just a  few minutes after serving.

Here's the miniature tarts I made for the restaurant. The tartshell was filled with vanilla cream and garnished with slices of strawberry, kiwi and dragon fruit.

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