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February 12, 2013


When the three ladies at work offered to teach me how to create simple garnishes, I did not refuse. The first technique I learned was making a spring onion used to garnish a plate of Thai fried rice.

 If you are skilled in ribbon curling ( not the fabric one), then this technique will be a piece of cake for you. First, cut each spring onion leaf halfway.  Use the back end of a knife's blade and press it gently against the outside layer. With your fingers touching the inside and the knife the outside layer, run the knife from bottom to top. As you release the leaf from the knife, the leaf will curl up. Let sit in a bowl of cold water to keep it fresh. Use as desired.

 This flower was carved out of carrot.

This tomato peel was made into a flower. How to make this? Cut the tomato skin at one go while you rotate the fruit. Take one end of the peel and roll it inwards. Turn the roll upside down and Viola! You have a beautiful tomato rose. This one is used to garnish the cold cut platter.

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