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October 1, 2011

3rd Trip to The Bay Restaurant

 We were invited to a Saturday afternoon concert at one of our Adventist Churches in Bangkok. We were not expecting the concert to be a back-to-back performances of the visiting singing group from the Philippines and the other choir from the church where I regularly attend. The concert ran for a few hours and by the time the group sang their last piece, our tummies were growling. Soon as the Kodak moments were finished, we all agreed to eat together. The thing was, we couldn't decide  where to go so while my friend was driving, we had a little discussion on our preferences. We wanted to eat something good but reasonable in a place which wasn't a long drive from our places. We excluded The Mall, our common meeting place because we usually got dinner from there. One by one we said names of restaurants we had gone to before. It was either too far, too expensive, service was not too good. When one friend suggested The Bay,  we approved.

So off we went.

We ordered the usual garlic bread that came with tomato salsa. My sister's meal wasn't complete without mushroom soup. We also shared vegetarian pizza.

I ordered herbed chicken, my favorite dish in that restaurant and salted fish pasta. The chicken was always a winner. I was a bit disappointed with the pasta as the fish was way too salty I didn't even finish it. My cousin's order was salmon steak which came with carbonara and 2 pieces of buttered bread. Another friend ordered spaghetti meat balls.

Dinner was good. But the best thing of all was we  enjoyed ourselves that night.

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