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October 24, 2011

My Post Birthday Celebration

 For the continuation of my birthday celebration I took my sister and friends to lunch at The Loft , located on the 6th  floor of Central Chidlom. The place had an extensive selection of Thai and foreign dishes. Unlike other food court where you purchase a meal card before you could buy a meal, at The Loft the customer would be given a meal card with a balance of Thai Baht 1000 at the entrance. Any purchases he made would be deducted from his balance and after dining, present the card to the cashier.

As the four of us entered, a lady handed each of us our meal card. We looked for a convenient location to sit. We wanted to have a close access to the food but not too far from the toilet. And we found the right place. We sat and alternately ordered our food.

Mags ordered pizza. Irene had naan bread and chicken biryani which she shared with her daughter Marthina.

I had Greek salad and lamb kebab wrap. My sister ordered vegetarian dish but Mags was unable to take a picture of it.

We all enjoyed our food except for my sister who was quite unhappy with hers.The bill was around Thai Baht 2,000.

Anyway it was an awesome birthday celebration.I had a great time spending my special day with the people I love and care about.

Me, Mags, Irene and my sis with Marthina

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