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July 19, 2011

Cheesecake House

July 18 was national holiday in Thailand. Unlike my sister who gets loads of holidays due to the nature of her job, I seldom get holiday at work. That's the catch of being a chef. So when my supervisor at work informed me Monday was holiday, I was delighted. I took advantage of my one day break by going to a garage sale with my sister, friend and her daughter. A friend of a friend is moving out to a new apartment. She wanted to get rid of some stuff she might not need at the new place.

After our purchase, we said our goodbyes and headed back home. We were just half a mile away when all of a sudden my sister proposed we have our afternoon snack at Cheesecake House. We were already in the area so why not maximize our time there. My friend was quick to make a U-Turn. The next thing we knew , she was pulling over in front of an old building which housed the shop.

As we entered, the shelves of cookies, pastries and cupcakes greeted us.

Irene ordered this layered cake. I forgot how it's called. I remember it came with a strawberry sauce. It's actually more of a jam than a sauce. It had a soft cottony texture but 'twas too sweet I only had a bite.

My sister had choco cheesecake. The combination of chocolate and cream cheese was just perfect. The chocolate crumbs on top gave it a more subtle texture. I was munching this and the cookies and cream cheesecake one after another.

So this was what I ordered. Cookies and Cream. It was good but I was a bit disappointed though. I expected a balance between cookie and cream but it tasted more of the latter. As for the drinks, Irene had iced espresso topped with whipped cream, my sister and I shared the mango- passion fruit tea. I had never had mango-passion fruit flavored tea and I was not disappointed.

Their specialty was cheesecake thus the name.

They even had miniature cheesecake that came in a set.

It wasn't busy that day so we had the place all for ourselves.

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