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January 7, 2011

Post- Christmas Dinner

After an eight-month shutdown due to the extent of the damage caused by the fire in May 2010, Central World has opened its doors to the public again days before Christmas. My cousin, sister and I had decided to check out the newly renovated shopping mall.

The place has a new look. Some shops were still doing their last minute cleaning and piling, others were closed, the rest were already open for business. We walked around for a bit, not really interested to do some shopping but just to see how much work had been done since it began its construction a few months back.

Tired from walking, I suggested we look for a place to eat so we could at least sit down comfortably and stretch our legs. We scout a few places and found this newly opened Japanese restaurant called AKA.

I ordered Chicken Rice Burger, my sister had salmon steak, she also ordered mushroom, my cousin had garlic fried rice and salmon in teriyaki sauce. The salmon was tender but the asparagus were too salty and dry. The mushrooms tasted good but rather dry.

The teriyaki sauce was lovely.

This dish was our favorite. Although they're a bit dry, we enjoyed them.

The rice burger was chewy, took me a while to finish it. The filling was good but I still prefer the ones at MOS burger.

The waitress served this with spoon and fork. Why use spoon and fork when I could eat it with my hands?

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