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October 28, 2010

Lightning Mc Queen

My friend asked me to make Lightning McQueen cake for her son's 2nd birthday.

I used two kinds of cake. Sponge cake for the base and pound cake for the car because pound cake was easier to carve even without chilling it first. The frosting was Wilton inspired. First, I coated the base with white icing. Then I made the "road" by covering almost the entire surface of the cake with black icing, leaving a small part on each side for the "grass". I piped the "grass" on the sides. I placed the 3D car cake on top and coated it with red icing.

It was my first time to make a 3D cake. I would say it wasn't easy. Took me 6 hours to finish, (well I'm an amateur cake decorator). Except for the smudge due to poor handling (not my fault) I was delighted it turned out good.

Joshua with a happy face. The kids went crazy over it.

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