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February 10, 2010

Practicals 7-9 Mille-feuille Marbre,Savory Puff Pastry and Macarons

Practical 9 - Mille-feuille Marbre
This puff pastry was baked then cut into 3 strips of equal sizes. Each strip had a thin layer of raspberry seed jam. Between the strips, we spread diplomat cream. For the marble effect on top, we used white fondant as the base then we piped chocolate fondant crosswise. With the dull side of a paring knife, we cut the fondant at regular intervals (2 cm apart), one stroke inward the other outward. The sides were covered with feuilletine.

I finished 3 minutes late at the practical today. At least I wasn't the slowest.

Practical 8 - Savory Puff Pastry

My school was considerate enough to prepare a "no-pork" filling for my savory puff pastry. Like the fruit tartlets, they can be served at cocktail parties. From left to right - cheese straws, cocktail sausage in puff pastry, mini chicken ham croissant and fish tofu stuffed puff pastry. Notice that my cheese straws were too brown. Don't blame the paprika. I didn't sprinkle much. What happened was I didn't know mine was put on the highest rack and I kept checking a different tray the whole time.

Mini chicken ham croissant, the top was dipped in the eggwash first then rolled over sesame seeds.

Tofu stuffed puff pastry

Cocktail sausage puff pastry

Practical 7 - Macaroons

Made from icing sugar, ground almonds and meringue. We added a drop of food coloring to the mixture to have colorful macaroons. For this recipe, we used chocolate ganache, pistachio paste, raspberry seed jam and lemon but you can choose any filling that suits your taste. My palate favored chocolate and pistachio paste.

Pistachio paste


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