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March 27, 2016

Carrot Easter Nest Cake

Ever heard of carrot cake frosted with dark chocolate butter cream? The idea popped into my head the last minute I was prepping for the big Easter brunch. Carrot cake was on the menu. I wanted to create Easter treats without jeopardizing what has been planned. I decided to turn carrot cake into an Easter nest.

Nests are normally brown. What I needed to achieve was a frosting that would resemble its color.  Cream cheese frosting tinted in brown wasn't feasible as I ran out of brown gel color. Adding cocoa powder didn't even cross my mind at the time.  Bugger! I was left with one choice. Use chocolate butter cream frosting!

I wasn't feeling comfortable with the combination of carrot cake and chocolate. I thought it was weird.  I quickly browsed the internet to see if the match was possible. Results came but I didn't plow through each recipe carefully. I  missed something important. The recipe reads white chocolate butter cream. It was too late when I realized my mistake. No way to undo it.

How did I do it? First, I made a cavity in the middle of the cake using a round ring. I frosted the cake before piping those "twigs". I emptied a whole pack of peanut M & Ms in the middle.  I was satisfied with how my Easter nest came out. Some guests skipped it. It's understandable. :) Do you know who ate most of it? The kids! Never seen children enjoy carrot cake as much as they did. Ha!

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