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May 14, 2014

Selection Of Mini Tarts

My, oh my. What a busy week! I did a lot of stuff for the wedding. From the cake to the dessert selection. I squeezed them all in 2 days. At the end of the week, I was physically exhausted. (I still am) I made everything from scratch. Imagine that! These miniature tarts were part of the dessert menu for the wedding party.

The wedding group was kind of big, around fifty people. I could have outsourced the pastry shell for the mini tarts but raising a purchase request must be done a day in advanced, even more if ordering new product. I didn't want things to get complicated so I made my own pastry cases. I only had two 12-hole mini tart pans. I needed fifty. And boy, lining the holes with the sweet pastry dough seemed forever. My fingers got tired when I was only halfway through. I was bored to death.

As for the filling, I used dark chocolate ganache, creme brulee and pastry cream. I fully baked forty pastry cases and half baked the ones for creme brulee. Once I filled the half-baked pastry shells with the custard, I put them back to the oven and baked them until done.You will know it's done when the mixture has set and the middle is wobbly.

Below are the samples I made. The chocolate tart was topped with walnut. I used blueberry filling and fresh strawberry to garnish the pastry cream tart, then caramelized the creme brulee tart. I didn't do a good job with the decoration as I was in a hurry. I wanted to go home so badly. I only made these so people who would be working during the wedding would get an idea how to decorate the miniature tarts.  I had been at work for 14 hours and I couldn't think and move properly anymore.


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