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February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister

My sister celebrated her birthday recently. It was her special day so I thought of creating something different for her, not the normal cake with a frosting but a cake that people from my circle wouldn't expect to see at a birthday gathering.

So for a few days I spent many hours browsing the web, looking for a really nice recipe when I stumbled upon this website of a woman in Singapore. I browsed the site, checked her recipes and had decided to try her chocolate cheesecake. Through her site, I was able to come up with a wonderful gift I could give my sister.

The colorful rocklets made this chocolate cheesecake tempting

I made chocolate cheese cake and she brought it to her school. I made some changes to the recipe to delight her students' palate. Instead of using Oreo crackers, I opted for Cream-O crackers to make the base. I didn't use the amount of yoghurt the recipe called for. What I did was I doubled the amount of yoghurt to balance the taste of cream cheese. I didn't have gelatine powder in hand so I settled for a gelatine leaf.

As for the design, I like the marble effects in cakes so I poured all the three chocolate mixtures into the springform pan and stirred them to create the design I prefered. I decorated the sides with KitKat and covered the entire surface with Rocklets. The idea was from the chocolate cake this same woman made for her son on his birthday. My sister works at a Kindergarten so it would definitely make the kids at her school go gaga over the cake. And I was right!

 Almost done decorating....

A ribbon was tied around the cheesecake to ensure KitKat wouldn't fall off...

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