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August 16, 2010

My First Catering Job

In December 2009, Chef Willy informed my class that his former employer, a French Restaurant called Lenotre was in need of Kitchen staff for a gala at the French Embassy. With a reputation of providing the best food and service to its customers, Lenotre has become famous in catering business. Two hundred guests were invited to the gala including Princess Soamsavali and her entourage.

My friends and I signed up for this one-day job. As a kitchen staff, I learned that one must undertake any task assigned to her. From carrying stacks of china, doing dishes, reheating, plating to cleaning the kitchen. All these I had to do. Me and my friends were too focused on doing our tasks that we didn't even notice that we'd been standing for hours and hours. We enjoyed the fun of preparing the finest food there was that day. It was a great privilege working with the French Team. It's something I'll never forget. And I sure did learn a lot.

With the Chefs. Even after a longgggg busy day, we still managed to smile for the camera.

The venue

These salmon mousse-filled pastries melt once you pop them in your mouth.

Foie gras with red radish, beet root and beans.

Lobster bisque with scallops

the main course

chocolate cake with macaron

raspberry and pistachio cake

mini Paris-Brest

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