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October 9, 2013

Oh So Delicious Macarons!

There is a wedding coming up. The bride had requested macaron cake. I was  asked if I could make them. Having no confidence with my macaron skills, I refused. I learned about macaron procedure at the culinary school but that was ages ago. I had not done it since then.  Working with macarons need a lot of patience and precision. I was afraid of failing to live  up to the bride's expectations so I told the manager to outsource it. A couple of days had passed, the manager approached me again and asked if I could do a trial run of macarons. Apparently, macaron is expensive here. It is sold by piece so it would cost the resort a fortune if they order from a supplier.

So here's what I made. Pink macarons with vanilla and chocolate filling. After two failures, I had finally got the right texture, size and color. I was so ecstatic because I didn't know I could pull it off. I will be making multi colored macarons for the wedding. Let's hope and pray I can do it without a lot of hassle.

I used a round piping tip to pipe the cookie. I let them rest for 60 minutes. As with the two previous macarons, I baked them in a regular oven . The result was wrinkly and dark cookies. On my third attempt, I used the convection oven in the main kitchen.

I watched them the whole time they were baking and I felt joy when I started seeing the "foot" of the macarons coming out. No cookie  had cracked. They also retained their color. Success!

I made two fillings - vanilla butter cream and dark chocolate ganache.

Look at these beautiful macarons!

A closer look.

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