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April 20, 2010

Practical 29 and Demo 30 Sucre Tire (Pulled Sugar)

Demo 30 - Sucre Tire (Pulled Sugar)

The final demo this term. Chef Fabrice exhibited his masterpiece in sugarwork.

Can you believe that only four ingredients are needed to make this? The chef assistant is shown here pulling the shiniest part of the sugar mixture..........

and made it into a beautiful flower.

Chef Fabrice added different colors into the sugar mixture to form a ribbon.

Before ......


Chef was searching for a nice spot for the bird. Crouquembouche was courtesy of Chef Geraldine.

A close look at the bird Chef Fabrice made.

More sugarwork techniques await us if we advance to Superior Level. I can't wait.......

March 28, 2010 - Practical Exam
I just want to share the joy I am feeling right now. I passed the practical exam. Yohooooo......

Practical 29 - Earl-Grey Chocolat Au Lait (Earl-Grey Milk Chocolate)

For our last practical, we made this cake with dacquoise base. It was the same procedure used to make dacquoise in Tresor Vanille. Doceur Chocolat and Chestnut Mousse cake but with different flavor - Earl Grey tea. Yes. You read it right. The tea leaves were added to the batter.

The dacquoise was sliced horizontally in 2. Earl-grey supreme was placed in between the 2 dacquoise cakes. The cake was masked with milk chocolate mousse.

For the decoration, you can use either the chocolate spray or chocolate glaze. I used chocolate spray with mine, arranged the tea leaves in circle and placed 3 frozen milk -chocolate mousse coated with chocolate glaze in the middle of the cake.

Chef Willy coated his with chocolate glaze, arranged some slivered almond along the edge of the chocolate glaze and stick macaron on the sides of the cake.

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